3 quick tips for glowing skin

3 quick tips for glowing skin

Outer beauty comes from within. The way we look on the outside is a reflection of how we feel on the inside.

Well, did you know that science has proven that there is a link between feeling good on the inside and having beautiful skin on the outside?

An emerging field called psychodermatology studies the relationship between the mind and the skin, scientifically looking at how our skin can manifest what's going on inside us and how we can heal and beautify our skin by cultivating a happier inner life.

Luminosity is that “glow” that your skin has, when you are happy, it is totally related to how you feel inside. Shine and luminosity are the well-being of your body that radiates through your skin.

Here are some quick tips so you can start taking care of yourself and have healthy, luminous skin wherever you go:

Hydrate yourself!

If you find it difficult to drink water, we leave you some tricks so you don't forget to do them:

Any time someone offers you something to drink (like at a meeting or visit) you should always say yes.

You can also carry a bottle of water with you everywhere, and drink from it when you are bored, instead of looking at your phone.

When you're thirsty, always drink three large glasses, rather than just one.

Another thing that works very well is to set alarms every certain amount of time.

Hydration is necessary for the functioning of all the cells in our body, and especially our skin.

When you don't drink enough water, your skin starts to look dull and lifeless. The quickest way to get that radiant glow back on your skin is to drink a big bottle of water.

Exercise and sweat

Exercise is one of the best ways to make your skin glow. Even 20 minutes of exercise that elevates your heart rate speeds up your circulation, starts your body's natural self-healing processes, and brings a little moisture to your cheeks.

The good news is that any type of movement that raises your heart rate will work. So go to the gym, if you love to exercise, go dancing if you like rhythm or do some yoga, if that's your thing.

But it also works to walk with a brisk step, work in the garden or even clean the house with more energy than usual.

Forget soap and hydrate yourself naturally

If drinking water keeps you hydrated from the inside out, skipping the soap helps do the same from the outside in.

Soap is great for cleaning, but it is incredibly drying. It removes the natural oils from your skin, taking away the natural luminosity of your skin.

Instead of soap, try a gentle cleanser, suitable for your skin type.

All of this creates a positive feedback loop: When you feel better, you look better!

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