How to build beautiful skin from the inside out

How to build beautiful skin from the inside out

External beauty comes from within. That's what we always say at Jongleur. How you feel on the inside is how you look on the outside.

Believe it or not, even science has shown that there is a link between feeling good on the inside and having beautiful skin on the outside.

An emerging field called psychodermatology studies the relationship between the mind and the skin, scientifically looking at how our skin can manifest what's going on inside us and how we can heal and beautify our skin by cultivating a happier inner life.

For many of us, varying levels of stress, anxiety and depression are a part of everyday life.

Other psychodermatology research has shown that patients suffering from skin conditions often have increased anxiety, that there is a link between acne and depression, and that stress can affect skin conditions such as rosacea , hives, dermatitis, etc.

There are some simple things you can do to help you feel better and make a difference to your skin.

Do exercise

When you're stressed, your body has all kinds of automatic responses that activate. Our nervous system reacts and mobilizes all the systems in our body to protect us from this stress.

But when that happens too often, in response to small daily stresses that aren't really threats, over time, our systems wear out. That includes all the systems that feed and nourish your skin.

Exercise helps our bodies and brains distinguish between the small stresses of everyday life and the real threats we really need to respond to.

Whether you're lifting weights, running a 5k, or just going for a walk, exercise gets your blood pumping, which is great for your complexion and your body. It helps you change your way of thinking and develop your self-esteem. If you can exercise outdoors in a green space or near nature, even better.

Take some deep breaths

While breathing is natural, the amount of oxygen your body receives will be different, and there are ways to breathe that can help improve physical and mental health.

Little things like focusing your attention on your breathing for a minute or two, putting down your phone and tuning into your body as you walk down the street, sitting quietly for thirty seconds before drinking your morning coffee, all help.

Any amount of meditative awareness you can bring to your day reduces your cortisol levels and calms inflammation. That will lead to more radiant skin. Be easy on yourself, don't expect perfection.

Before you know it, you'll be relaxing your neural pathways, calming your fight-or-flight responses, and nourishing your skin's innate ability to heal and repair itself.

Break your relationship with cortisol

One of those automatic responses that occur when we're stressed is a surge of hormones, including one called cortisol.

Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone.” Cortisol triggers inflammation, and inflammation breaks down collagen, which is the protein that keeps skin plump, firm, and vital. The more cortisol circulates in your system, the more inflammation taxes your skin cells and depletes your collagen supply.

The most effective way to reduce cortisol levels is a regular meditation practice. A recent study showed a 20% decrease in cortisol levels after four months of regular meditation.

In addition to meditating, you can try our Bye Dark Circles collagen patches , that provide collagen to the part under your eye, moisturizing them, tightening them and giving them shine. What are you waiting for to try them?

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