3 ways to reveal your skin's natural glow

3 ways to reveal your skin's natural glow
Do you want your skin to look more beautiful and glowing than ever? Here we leave you 3 tips.

All people want to have beautiful skin. At Jongleur, we believe that what beautifies the skin is its natural luminosity.

It's not about always being groomed, using a lot of makeup, or hundreds of products to take care of our skin.

Why do we say it?

We've all seen those people who shine from the inside out, emanating a kind of light as they move through the world.

The best way to achieve that natural glow is from within. We can make our skin glow by increasing our joy, having inspiring adventures, eating delicious and nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of rest, and taking time to take care of ourselves.

But there are also many things we can do to increase the luminosity of our skin, without having to use tons of makeup.

Here are 3 things that can increase your skin's natural glow:

Exfoliate your face

At first glance, our skin may appear tired and dull but there is something else, just beneath its surface.

Even when we wash our face every day, dead skin cells can build up and hide our skin's natural glow. And soap and cleansers aren't always enough to uncover what's underneath.

Exfoliation can remove that thin layer of dead skin cells and debris, helping our skin shed what it no longer needs. Simply exfoliate once a week to reveal your skin's fresh, natural glow beneath.

Wipe yourself gently

Your pores can accumulate all kinds of dirt and impurities, even when you're taking the time to wash your face.

Try using a cleanser that penetrates your pores and cleans out the impurities and pollutants that have built up there.

When you remove those impurities, your pores close, your skin's living cells are revealed, and that vague dullness that comes from microscopic pollutants disappears.

Cleansing your skin doesn't have to be hard on your skin. Look for cleansers that use all-natural ingredients that won't dry out your skin, especially in the delicate areas around your eyes.

Use collagen patches to highlight your eyes

The area under the eyes is the most delicate, sensitive and fine part of our skin.

Many of us struggle with various problems there: some have huge, super dark circles under their eyes, some can't get rid of puffiness, and some worry about fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition, dark circles make your eyes and skin look tired and dull.

The good news: there are products, like our Bye Dark Circles Collagen Patches , that make a difference.

They are designed with the best ingredients, with optimal penetration and absorption to hydrate, soothe and add shine.

How often should you use collagen under eye patches to see results?

By using them, under-eye puffiness and dark circles are instantly reduced, while hydrating and calming your skin.

As for long-term results, consistency is key.

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