Skincare for life jugglers

No matter where you are, no matter how busy your life is, we are with you every moment. We are the balance within the chaos. At Jongleur, we embrace chaos and accept juggling as a lifestyle. That's why we believe that skin care needs simple, effective solutions that can be used wherever and whenever possible.

Our Products

Eye Masks

brightening under-eye masks


Face Masks

24k gold illuminating face masks


Recover radiance in just 15 minutes!

Leave behind dark circles and the worries of the day, and treat yourself to a moment of pampering and well-being. Create those special moments of love and self-care.

We create our beauty standards.

We are more than skincare products. Jongleur connects people and ideas about beauty. Through honest conversations, we develop products inspired by real needs, redefining beauty standards.


About Us

Eye Masks


Face Masks


That’s what she said.

They arrived super fast! I don't use them daily only when I wake up with discomfort from allergic rhinitis and they help me a lot to reduce inflammation. They moisturize very well, which helps to give a better finish before adding concealer. The price is very good, I hope to soon buy more so I can use them daily and see the improvement in my dark circles.

Mariana B.

Excellent product and it works well, affordable price. Delivered on time as promised!

Willamina C.

I have only been using the patches for a few days, I have not yet noticed such a noticeable change in terms of the reduction of the "bags", but they have helped me a lot to hydrate the area and my skin has a brighter appearance. I hope that with more time of using them the changes will be more noticeable but so far I like them.

Janet T.

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