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Skincare for life jugglers

Welcome to Jongleur, where the art of skincare meets the rhythm of life's constant juggle. Rooted in French, the word 'Jongleur' means 'one who juggles' — a fitting metaphor for modern life's multifaceted demands. Founded by two skincare enthusiasts from the heart of Mexico, Jongleur was born from a passion for creating simple, effective solutions for everyday skincare challenges. Witnessing the vibrant yet fast-paced lifestyle of their community, our founders recognized a universal need: skincare that adapts to life's ever-changing dynamics.

Mexico, with its rich traditions and innovative spirit, provided the perfect backdrop for Jongleur's inception. Here, the beauty market is as diverse as its people, embracing both natural remedies and modern skincare science. This fusion of old and new is at the core of our products, reflecting the balance we seek in our hectic lives. As Jongleur has grown, so has our reach. Now available in the United States, our mission remains the same: to bring harmony to the chaos of daily life through skincare that is straightforward, inclusive, and effective.

Our Tagline


A mantra for life & skincare alike. At Jongleur, we understand that life is about keeping all your balls in the air at the same time. 
Let us take care of your skin, so you can focus on the rest. Welcome to Jongleur, where skincare meets life's beautiful juggle.

Our Brand

embrace chaos and accept juggling as a lifestyle

At Jongleur, we deeply relate to our customers' needs because we share them. Creative, fast-paced individuals who crave simplicity amidst life's constant commotion. We cater to diverse individuals, offering them a skincare routine that fits seamlessly into their multifaceted lives. Our users cherish the immediate, noticeable changes our products bring to their skin, providing a sense of control and satisfaction in their busy schedules.

Our Values


We streamline your skincare routine, offering solutions that are within reach, anytime, anywhere. We focus on what truly matters: effective, no-fuss products for your everyday needs.


At Jongleur, skincare knows no boundaries. We embrace all individuals, offering products that cater to every skin type and concern, without discrimination.


Our community is our compass. 
We listen, learn, and evolve together, ensuring our products not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Our Vision

Life is a balancing act, and at Jongleur, we embrace this whole heartedly. 
We understand the modern individual's plight: the constant juggling of career, relationships, health, and more. Our brand is a nod to the chaos, offering skincare solutions that blend seamlessly into your dynamic lifestyle. Embrace the chaos, for it is the beautiful backdrop to our everyday victories. In the chaos, we find clarity. In the routine, we discover freedom. "Embrace the chaos," "Skincare at your fingertips," "Skincare is part of the juggling life" — these are not just phrases; they are invitations. Invitations to simplify, to enjoy, to embrace every aspect of your life with open arms.

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